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Full Landscaping and Hardscape services available thru Idyllwild Landscape Co.

Water Features with suggested non-toxic maintenance programs

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Idyllwild Gardens is proud to offer a large variety of Zone 8 Trees, Shrubs, Cacti, Succulents, Native Plants, Flowers, and Water plants for our customers to choose from. We value our fellow plant lovers, let us help you find the plants that will give you a beautiful, thriving garden that is specific to your area.

Please be sure to visit Bucolic Travelers, a renovated 1969 vintage travel van turned boutique now residing inside Idyllwild Gardens, offering plant based non-toxic remedies to nurture the self and home, along with thoughtful gifts.

We enjoy giving back to all our fellow plant lovers and organize “Customer Appreciation Day” events where you can talk in depth with plant and soil specialists, along with other guest who curate beneficial remedies we carry inside Bucolic Travelers.  This day is finished with a festive round of food, wine and music, set amongst the plant filled inspiring setting of Idyllwild Gardens and the majestic peaks of our surrounding mountains. Events will be posted on our website and social media for your planning convenience.  You can find us on Instagram and Facebook  @Idyllwildgardens for updates about future events and newly added plants we’re excited to tell you about. 

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