The Gardens

Whimsical Garden Room;
Everything in this room will appeal to the young and old! Sweet and whimsical miniature garden cottages, everything to replicate a homesteading village with gardens, animals, and charming signs. Create a tiny garden for yourself, or a little loved one.



Bucolic Trav’lers;
Our in house nursery gift shop is located inside a 1969 Trav’ler van, we affectionately named Bucolic Trav’ler. We like to focus on providing gifts for home and body that meet daily life needs, are plant-based, non-toxic and fair trade. We think you’ll be delighted in the treasures found inside bucolic!


Everyone loves the greenhouse with all the beautiful indoor plants. Warm, humid, and full of good oxygen the plants lovingly give to us. Whether in our homes or businesses, we need plants inside and we can help you find the best one for your environment.


Foodie Room;
We all use certain items in the kitchen on a daily basis. So we decided to find such items that would be useful, along with extra charming, well made with earth friendly materials. We love to source items from other artist all over the world in order to offer unique, one-of-a-kind treasures.


Nursery ;
A beautiful nursery in the San Jacinto mountains, specializing in zone 8 plants, trees and flowers. We also have a good selection of native plants from Moosa Creek growers. Focusing on providing everything a mountain gardener needs in order to grow a successful, water wise landscape and gardens. Gardeners love a beautiful home inside and out, good food and quality items. We hope to meet the high expectations of such individuals and will strive to do our best in being a helpful knowledgeable staff, with top notch lovingly cared for plants, trees, and flowers.