About Us

Idyllwild Gardens is a unique, boutique nursery set amongst the mountain ridges of Idyllwild, California. A peaceful, tranquil oasis of beautifully curated vignettes that appeal to the fine taste of an avid gardener and earth lover. Specializing in zone 8 plants, natives, trees and flowers, we are here to assist you in growing a beautiful, successful garden of your own. We will ask carefully thought out questions along with hearing your concerns, the home gardener, to make sure you leave with the right plants, finest soil or fertilizer specific for the plants you buy along with gopher baskets, if necessary, to ensure a thriving garden. 🌿

We also offer thoughtful gifts that are useful in the home and garden with a measure of good conscience in the quality of ingredients, renewability and sustainable packaging. We are most pleased when you visit us and enjoy our useful and thoughtful items from wherever you may live!