3-D Printing

3D printing certainly hope that when the printing speed, the faster the better, but sometimes have to slow down the printing speed, otherwise it will affect the print quality or printing fails, so this time will introduce 5 Ge you need to reduce the printing speed of the case.3-d printing

Make 3D models print out, we must first turn stl format, but now there are many online platforms offer a variety of free stl model download, but you know do not know the fact, even stl format model, there may not print out? This time it will briefly about 4 Ge inspection stl model can 3D print out points.

6 3D shorten the printing time setting

By 3D Printing Lab, 26 June 2016 when 3D printing we want to shorten the printing time, but not as long as the Print Speed will affect the printing time, and other settings can also affect the printing time. This time it combines some of the following can speed up printing time setting.

3D printing method to solve the model Alice By 3D Printing Lab, 22 June 2016 when 3D printing, regardless of the column printed PLA, ABS or even other print materials, are there possible circumstances while Alice appear. To avoid or reduce the Alice issue , in fact, nothing more than to use to look at presentation 9 method.

3D printing and set the Print Speed Travel Speed respectively By 3D Printing Lab, 20 June 2016 in 3D printing software settings Print speed parameter, many people will not tell Print Speed and Travel Speed, and two speed settings to print out the 3D greatly influence the quality of the model, this time simply to tell you about it!

Last introduced pusher method of operation and types, this time will introduce the issues related to the pusher, is the 3D printer Cause nozzle obstruction.

Understanding your 3D printer pusher (extruder)

Understanding your 3D printer pusher (Extruder) By 3D Printing’s the Lab, 13 June 2016 3D printer in one of the most important of the part is a pusher (Extruder), its role is to print out the print material. So everyone on the pusher how deep know about it? This time will be a brief introduction.

Why is the phenomenon that occurs when the so-called Elephant Foot 3D printing By 3D Printing Lab, 8 June 2016 may occur when the phenomenon of so-called elephant foot 3D printing, 3D printing that is out of the bottom of the model slightly protruding , this phenomenon is sometimes quite difficult to solve. We take a look at the causes of this phenomenon and ways to avoid.

Have you ever tried to print a 3D model when in the face of the filling material (infill) appear like the above named The weak Infill the situation it? If the above weak situation of infill will look at, because the filling material 3D printing have bad influence, 3D printing to prevent leakage of material.

Retraction function to help you BY 3D Printing’s the Lab, 1 June 2016 Retraction (Chinese called retraction) in 3D printing is an essential function, which can prevent the print plastic material from the nozzle leaked so print out 3D model has better print quality.

we have found no color set in some 3D printing software to print material or dual parameter, a man named Purge Wall (directly or called Wall) of feature lets you choose? Purge Wall Poweichongyao when this feature to print two colors or two materials in 3D.

There is a gap between the border and how to solve the filler – 3D printing problems 3D printing problem -. How to solve the border between the filler and voids By 3D Printing Lab, 23 May 2016 Sometimes 3D printing time, 3D model of the border (outline) and filler (infill) between there will be a number voids So how to solve this 3D printing problem?