How To Convince Boss

When to understand the other party, seek to offer play, praise, honor or pretentious match up and other techniques to establish a deep friendship and trust, further affect his ideas, to convince boss

Millennium grown in wisdom, it is clear that, to be successful persuasion, by no means the first step in sharpening the tongue, but start the wind blows, try to ingratiate themselves with each other, collecting clues have a chance of winning. Want to persuade, never began to do business American Consulting International (DDI) Development cum Marketing Associate place there is a profound insight.

Looking back nine years ago, at the beginning turn into human resources from the aviation sector, fine-featured, articulate, she is easily able to knock on the door of the customer, however diligent call window, and to provide research reports, does not mean you can let the other party willing pay, “over half a year, I suddenly found that every time talked happily, my customers are very nice, but a case could not sell!”

Do not understand why “good atmosphere, the outcome is always cruel,” while viewing the performance, in front from Singapore flying with the highest person in charge of before, wronged tears. At this time,

“You’re the wonder is not their hard for a long time, customers do not buy do not say that I would like to ask you, if u is that personal data, under what circumstances, u think he will? tell you the truth “?

because this speech, it is decided to change to suitably and took out interviews to get rid of a table taking notes sentences separated business habits. When she wearing style according to customer, share daily life with each other, a true friend to the road after treatment, they began to hear the truth, and thus find the opportunity to cut into the performance gradually on track.

Like almost all business related to, takes these enterprises deal with window, they could be a performer or a project team, permissions may not direct day to listen, but often the first line of the gatekeepers: one can decide whether to lead you started, on the one hand, to provide critical transaction information.

Therefore, the general manager of always treat them as partners sharing weal and woe. “Let customers’ sense enough heart,” not just with the usual interaction, at the critical moment, can you help him in time is the key! ”

For this reason, her cell phone 24 hours standby, the initiative to help each other find resources, and so that customers get the boss positive angle, help him find a countermeasure, planning all activities. Even when flaws occur, but also willing to help him bear the blame on her own, to let him pay out a perfect report card. “Often when we are finishing an activity, the customer did not take long for a promotion, he trusted us, and with his soaring, we are more likely to become long-term partners.”

Get a window, and then understand the key figure “decision ordering”

when you can get these “internal experts” (internal Coach), can often clear case needs, budget, direction than others, or may also be the first step to master preferences “key people” when making decisions.

As the focus of the exam to know the score, not only to avoid “blind men feeling the elephant,” but also to “do more with less.” On the study persuaded common “social judgment theory” (Social Judgment Theory), the people in accordance with past experience and personal level, in the heart is divided into “receiving area”, “rest area” and “area denial” 3 range, if you can hit the “receiving area” project more, to convince the “key players” the better the effect. Such as decision-makers care about is the budget, whether to talk about creativity, quality, marketing or path, the cost can be fastened, in keeping with his knife to spending a “receiving area” will be able to easily grab set high.