How To Convince Boss

When to understand the other party, seek to offer play, praise, honor or pretentious match up and other techniques to establish a deep friendship and trust, further affect his ideas, to convince boss

Millennium grown in wisdom, it is clear that, to be successful persuasion, by no means the first step in sharpening the tongue, but start the wind blows, try to ingratiate themselves with each other, collecting clues have a chance of winning. Want to persuade, never began to do business American Consulting International (DDI) Development cum Marketing Associate place there is a profound insight.

Looking back nine years ago, at the beginning turn into human resources from the aviation sector, fine-featured, articulate, she is easily able to knock on the door of the customer, however diligent call window, and to provide research reports, does not mean you can let the other party willing pay, “over half a year, I suddenly found that every time talked happily, my customers are very nice, but a case could not sell!”

Do not understand why “good atmosphere, the outcome is always cruel,” while viewing the performance, in front from Singapore flying with the highest person in charge of before, wronged tears. At this time,

“You’re the wonder is not their hard for a long time, customers do not buy do not say that I would like to ask you, if u is that personal data, under what circumstances, u think he will? tell you the truth “?

because this speech, it is decided to change to suitably and took out interviews to get rid of a table taking notes sentences separated business habits. When she wearing style according to customer, share daily life with each other, a true friend to the road after treatment, they began to hear the truth, and thus find the opportunity to cut into the performance gradually on track.

Like almost all business related to, takes these enterprises deal with window, they could be a performer or a project team, permissions may not direct day to listen, but often the first line of the gatekeepers: one can decide whether to lead you started, on the one hand, to provide critical transaction information.

Therefore, the general manager of always treat them as partners sharing weal and woe. “Let customers’ sense enough heart,” not just with the usual interaction, at the critical moment, can you help him in time is the key! ”

For this reason, her cell phone 24 hours standby, the initiative to help each other find resources, and so that customers get the boss positive angle, help him find a countermeasure, planning all activities. Even when flaws occur, but also willing to help him bear the blame on her own, to let him pay out a perfect report card. “Often when we are finishing an activity, the customer did not take long for a promotion, he trusted us, and with his soaring, we are more likely to become long-term partners.”

Get a window, and then understand the key figure “decision ordering”

when you can get these “internal experts” (internal Coach), can often clear case needs, budget, direction than others, or may also be the first step to master preferences “key people” when making decisions.

As the focus of the exam to know the score, not only to avoid “blind men feeling the elephant,” but also to “do more with less.” On the study persuaded common “social judgment theory” (Social Judgment Theory), the people in accordance with past experience and personal level, in the heart is divided into “receiving area”, “rest area” and “area denial” 3 range, if you can hit the “receiving area” project more, to convince the “key players” the better the effect. Such as decision-makers care about is the budget, whether to talk about creativity, quality, marketing or path, the cost can be fastened, in keeping with his knife to spending a “receiving area” will be able to easily grab set high.

3-D Printing

3D printing certainly hope that when the printing speed, the faster the better, but sometimes have to slow down the printing speed, otherwise it will affect the print quality or printing fails, so this time will introduce 5 Ge you need to reduce the printing speed of the case.3-d printing

Make 3D models print out, we must first turn stl format, but now there are many online platforms offer a variety of free stl model download, but you know do not know the fact, even stl format model, there may not print out? This time it will briefly about 4 Ge inspection stl model can 3D print out points.

6 3D shorten the printing time setting

By 3D Printing Lab, 26 June 2016 when 3D printing we want to shorten the printing time, but not as long as the Print Speed will affect the printing time, and other settings can also affect the printing time. This time it combines some of the following can speed up printing time setting.

3D printing method to solve the model Alice By 3D Printing Lab, 22 June 2016 when 3D printing, regardless of the column printed PLA, ABS or even other print materials, are there possible circumstances while Alice appear. To avoid or reduce the Alice issue , in fact, nothing more than to use to look at presentation 9 method.

3D printing and set the Print Speed Travel Speed respectively By 3D Printing Lab, 20 June 2016 in 3D printing software settings Print speed parameter, many people will not tell Print Speed and Travel Speed, and two speed settings to print out the 3D greatly influence the quality of the model, this time simply to tell you about it!

Last introduced pusher method of operation and types, this time will introduce the issues related to the pusher, is the 3D printer Cause nozzle obstruction.

Understanding your 3D printer pusher (extruder)

Understanding your 3D printer pusher (Extruder) By 3D Printing’s the Lab, 13 June 2016 3D printer in one of the most important of the part is a pusher (Extruder), its role is to print out the print material. So everyone on the pusher how deep know about it? This time will be a brief introduction.

Why is the phenomenon that occurs when the so-called Elephant Foot 3D printing By 3D Printing Lab, 8 June 2016 may occur when the phenomenon of so-called elephant foot 3D printing, 3D printing that is out of the bottom of the model slightly protruding , this phenomenon is sometimes quite difficult to solve. We take a look at the causes of this phenomenon and ways to avoid.

Have you ever tried to print a 3D model when in the face of the filling material (infill) appear like the above named The weak Infill the situation it? If the above weak situation of infill will look at, because the filling material 3D printing have bad influence, 3D printing to prevent leakage of material.

Retraction function to help you BY 3D Printing’s the Lab, 1 June 2016 Retraction (Chinese called retraction) in 3D printing is an essential function, which can prevent the print plastic material from the nozzle leaked so print out 3D model has better print quality.

we have found no color set in some 3D printing software to print material or dual parameter, a man named Purge Wall (directly or called Wall) of feature lets you choose? Purge Wall Poweichongyao when this feature to print two colors or two materials in 3D.

There is a gap between the border and how to solve the filler – 3D printing problems 3D printing problem -. How to solve the border between the filler and voids By 3D Printing Lab, 23 May 2016 Sometimes 3D printing time, 3D model of the border (outline) and filler (infill) between there will be a number voids So how to solve this 3D printing problem?

CHEVROLET “Space. Spirit. Splendor. ’60 Chevrolet!”

For 1960, Chevrolet entered the compact car market, as did its key competitors. However, the marketing strat- edgy resulted in a different car from the others.chevrolet automatic

While Ford and Chrysler went very much the conventional route, with a front engine (inline six-cylinder), rear wheel drive auto- mobile, Chevrolet chose to combat the main competitive threat, Volkswagen, head-on.

An all aluminum, air cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder engine was chosen to power the small, rear wheel drive car that featured full “Quadri Flex” independent suspension. Interiors were gen- really sparse but did offer sporty features like bucket seats, gauges, and vinyl upholstery. While styling was more conventional than the VW, the sporting connotation implied by the Corvair style was appealing to buyers.

Initially, 4-Door Sedans were the only of- feelings, with 2-Doors coming on board at mid-year. How- ever, a 4-Door was something that VW didn’t offer, and as a result nearly three-quarters of all Corvairs sold were 4-Door models. The chosen strategy worked, as first-year sales of over 250,000 were recorded.

The best news for GM was that unlike its competition, the Corvair did not take away very many sales from the maker’s traditional line of cars. With the Valiant and Falcon being essentially smaller versions of their manufacturers’ big cars, they cannibalized sales of those full- size models.

The Corvair was distinctive enough to generally pull sales away from those who would have bought imported cars or smaller domestic models like the Rambler. In that re- spect General Motors and Chevrolet had a success.

Full-size and Corvette models received the period- typical annual styling changes needed to differentiate model years. The Corvette received mostly trim and detail changes. Full-size models sported a toned-down version of their gull-wing tail fins.

At the front end, they lost the vents above the headlights that somehow seemed to visually lighten the front end, and give it a cleaner look. As for model changes, a 2-Door Hardtop returned to the BelAir line, after a one-year absence.

Finally, a new Fleetmaster sub-series was added to the base Biscayne models. Essentially this line was intended for fleet buyers, and it lacked amenities such as dual sun visors, electric windshield wipers, a cigarette lighter, and front arm rests.